a.k.a: How to check a Mac’s uptime and reboot history

If you’re like me and you never turn off your mac, this might be of interest to you.

In my opinion, Macs are quite stable and I like to be able to access my data remotely no matter where I am (and it’s too big to upload to the cloud) so I don’t turn off my mac every day. I need to be able to access both my documents and images from almost anywhere with an internet connection, and I use a combination of Logmein, Back to my mac and Remote Desktop

In fact the only time I restart it, is when I install updates or new software, or am messing (read; upgrading) with my hardware.

On the Server edition of Mac OS X – its a simple thing to look at Running for:

Running for Screen capture

Whilst on a non server mac (I’m currently running 10.9) it’s not too difficult. Open Terminal (either search for it in spotlight or go to Utilities > Terminal) and just type in ‘uptime’ (without the quotes ‘   ‘)

and voila:

Mac-Pro:~user$ uptime

19:38  up  8:33, 2 users, load averages: 2.06 1.58 1.51

The above example says it’s been running for 8 and a half hours (wondering why I restarted?)

Another interesting command is ‘last reboot’ which yields

Mac-Pro:~ user$ last reboot

reboot    ~                         Wed Jun 25 11:05

reboot    ~                         Mon Jun 23 19:56

reboot    ~                         Mon Jun 23 19:17

reboot    ~                         Mon Jun 23 17:25


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